​​​​Families Counselling

Families are a complex web of alliances involving tussles of power fought over issues of love, trust, mistrust, acceptance, rejection, respect and shame amongst many others. The mechanisms we use to defend ourselves emotionally from the joys, slights and hurts we experience influences how those around us perceive us and how we behave towards them. Not surprisingly, since we use our defences from birth onwards many faulty patterns get created along the way, locking us in. Unlocking what each member has absorbed about their roles will help provide insights into old patterns and behaviours, thereby enabling new family dynamics to emerge.

In family therapy I will provide a safe and confidential space for each member to explore how their family role has been scripted and the part they play in the unfolding family drama. Together we will consider how these roles could be rewritten, assigning new ones and engender a self awareness of how difficult emotions are expressed. We will also explore improved ways to articulate them to enable old patterns to change, allowing the family to evolve